Semantic preservation for a type directed translation scheme of Featherweight Go

Martin Sulzmann and Stefan Wehr

In Proc. of MPC 2022. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 13544, Tbilisi, Georgia. Springer, 2022.


Featherweight Go (FG) is a minimal core calculus that includes essential Go features such as overloaded methods and interface types. The most straightforward semantic description of the dynamic behavior of FG programs is to resolve method calls based on run-time type information. A more efficient approach is to apply a type-directed translation scheme where interface-values are replaced by dictionaries that contain concrete method definitions. Thus, method calls can be resolved by a simple lookup of the method definition in the dictionary. Establishing that the target program obtained via the type-directed translation scheme preserves the semantics of the original FG program is an important task.

To establish this property we employ logical relations that are indexed by types to relate source and target programs. We provide rigorous proofs and give a detailed discussion of the many subtle corners that we have encountered including the need for a step index due to recursive interfaces and method definitions.


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